Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes

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Is it possible to get paid to work from home stuffing envelopes? This is a very valid question that you need to ask yourself before you sign up with any website that promises to pay you for stuffing envelopes. While it is true that you can get paid, there are plenty of companies out there that promise to pay people, but all they ever do is take them round and round in circles.
To get the right information, we decided to find out how the real thing works and how the fake thing works as well. The real thing is pretty straight forward. There are companies that want to market using flyers and brochures and they need to contract people to put these in envelopes. They usually place an ad asking people who are interested to send an envelope with their name and address on it. They then send you a number of flyers to put in envelopes, which they later collect and pay you for your work.
We investigated how the  possible fake ones work, and it is in much the same way. They advertise and those who are interested are asked to send in an addressed envelope.
The difference however, is that they don’t send you envelopes to stuff; instead, they send you ads like the one that you applied from, asking you to put it up and recruit more people to do the job, with the promise that for each person you recruit will gain you some money, just like a pyramid scheme.
We talked to some people who have been duped this way. According to them, they honestly Work From Home Stuffing Envelopesthought they could work from home stuffing envelopes and make some money, but when they got the ads back telling them to recruit others they sensed that all was not right. A few went ahead and did it any way, not knowing that the money they were paying to place the ads was going straight to the people who had placed the initial ad they responded to.
What then, are the options? Do you have to work from home stuffing envelopes or is there something else? Indeed there are many things that you can do online for money and they will pay you just as they have promised. One of the big opportunities we found was working for companies to increase their social media ratings. These companies are willing to pay people so that they can go to a website like Facebook and post comments, likes and so on so that the company looks active.
One of the best sites that we found for this is, which is very clear as to what they need you to do and how they will pay you. The next time you want to work from home, we recommend that you choose opportunities like this one.